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TOS At A Glance

All of your user information is completely private and confidential. You control what you want to share about yourself, except in the following circumstances:

  1. In the event we go public, haven't figured out a business model, and third-party advertisers are willing to pay us money for your information.
  2. The site is hacked and your information is sold to the highest bidder. Not unlike #1, except we will issue an apology on our blog and have a meeting about how we should security and stuff.
  3. We decide to change our terms of service in a way that allows us to use all of your information in advertisements and to make your profile publicly searchable unless you physically mail us your desired privacy settings on 8x11.1 sheet of papyrus parchment, written in calligraphy with invisible ink and delivered by a singing llama wearing bermuda shorts.
  4. It's a Monday. Just because Mondays are like that for everyone.