VM UI Framework

Use for any app. Build for any screen.

A modern, grid-based CSS, layout, and UI framwork for HTML5, VM UI Framework was made to assist in creating websites and web applications.

Quick Info
  • VM UI Framework is licensed under the MIT License.
  • You are using: 0.9.3 (Beta)
  • The latest version can always be found on GitHub.
  • Browser support:
For Modern Browsers
Modern Browser Support

The latest verions of all modern browsers are supported, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Powered By MooTools

All of our JavaScript plugins use MooTools, a JavaScript framework that allows for fast, flexible, and clean development.

MIT License
Open Source

VM UI Framework is licensed as open source under the MIT License, meaning that you can use it in whatever projects you need to without a worry.

Packed With Features
Packed full of features

From carefully calculated typography to responsive tables, from easy grid-based layouts to a 326 character custom icon font, you're going to love using VM UI Framework.

100% Responsive
It's all responsive

Every single interface element has been tested extensively so that they scale from large desktop screens to mobile browsers. It simply just works.

Over 20 Plugins
Lots of plugins

A plugin for every need. They're automatically loaded on the page, but only when you need them. No JavaScript knowledge required.

VM UI Framework is created, owned, maintained by Virtuosi Media, Inc. © 2012-2013.