New Features
  • Added a changelog.
  • Added text-alignment utility classes.
  • Added a roadmap.
  • Removed website links that aren't live yet.
  • Added an ajaxUpdate event to autocomplete lists.
  • Fixed markers to make sure they don't break over multiple lines.
  • Fixed radio button validation so that errors clear.
  • Checkboxes now work correctly inside tabs.
  • Fixed breadcrumb separator spacing.
  • Fixed hashjumps for tabs and tips on iOS.
  • Tabs now display correctly on mobile-sized desktop and the iPhone.
  • Fixed mobile menu issues on desktop and mobile, including fixing dropdown menu display issues.
  • Fixed syntax highlighting display issues on mobile for Skeleton and Sketch templates.
  • Fixed mobile modal height to appear full-screen.
  • Polish template font size now scales up on retina screens.
  • Fixed tooltips to work on mobile.

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