Code Syntax Highlighting


The syntax highlighter will convert any <pre> elements into highlighted source code and covers 10 popular programming languages. The plugin is a modified version of Jose Prado's Lighter MooTools Plugin.


The plugin works automatically with all <pre> and supports HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Markdown, Shell, and SQL. To specify a particular language, just add the language name as the CSS class for the <pre> element. Omitting any class altogether will result in just the code and line numbers being rendered, without any highlighting.

Note When creating a code snippet for JavaScript, use the class js rather than javascript.

When creating code snippets for HTML, be sure to use HTML entities for characters like < and > in order to have them display properly. Also, any whitespace is automatically detected and rendered, so start any <pre> element content fully justified to the left of your code.


<!-- An example of how to use Lighter for HTML -->
<pre class="html">
&lt;p&gt;Hello World&lt;/p&gt;

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